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My Shooting style:

I would consider myself somewhat of a “Lifestyle photographer”… described as photographing the typical way of life; capturing the close and intimate moments between families. I am looking to reveal the sweet & sometimes crazy moments that happen between you and your family. Capturing personalities & quirky habits of your little ones… do they suck their thumb? Have messy sweet curls on their head? Have rolls on their chubby wrists and legs? DETAILS!!! I can’ get enough of them… like eyelashes, belly buttons, bare feet & hands.  I often find myself photographing as a mother & not just a “professional”.  I see things that I miss about my little girls when they were a newborn or wobbly toddler & I want to capture those for you, so you can hold on to those moments forever. Time passes us by so quickly & there will be some days, when all were left with, is images…

As you know children are curious, spontaneous, silly, energetic, and above all, completely unpredictable. So how do you plan formal family portraits with a rambunctious two-year-old? First, scrap the ‘formal’ part. Let go of any expectations of cooperation and think more along the lines of (loosely) controlled chaos. LOL. Above all, I expect your photo session to be laid-back and fun. Don’t think of it as “picture day” as this will only result in unnecessary stress (for both you and your children). I will often encouraged children to run around and play, jump on the bed, get a little muddy in the backyard & even jump in mud puddle or two. My goal is to capture connections, spontaneous expressions, and natural smiles, not the Sears Portrait Studio forced smiles of yesteryear! The results are the most genuine when the children are able to forget that the camera is even there.


Availability is limited and sessions are often booked several weeks in advance (with weekend dates filling up the fastest), especially during the warmer months (April through October). If you would like a weekend date, I strongly suggest that you book this date at your earliest convenience.

Sessions generally last between 1 1/2 -2 hours, although newborns can take up to 3. Session times vary depending on the session type, the location, and the time of year. I always try to work around your children’s schedule, factoring in naptimes, mealtimes, etc. – the happier the child the better the pictures – but for optimal lighting conditions I would suggest adhering to the following guidelines:

For outdoor portraits, very early morning (beginning around 9:00 a.m.) or late afternoon/early evening (up to an hour before sunset) is best.

For studio or in-home portraits, mid-morning and early afternoon works best

Clothing Recommendations:

I typically recommend solid colors over busy patterns. You are more than welcome to have more than one outfit picked out to express various sides of everyone… But most of all, the clothing you choose should reflect your personality as well as be comfortable. My photography style is VERY casual – I love bare feet, sundresses, jeans and T’s, often times the simpler the better. However, I want you to have some fun with your clothing choices…so, if your child insists on dressing themself, let them! These are the moments that I love to capture.


You have some in mind? That’s GREAT, but If you don’t… don’t stress about it.  Just remember a “prop” can be the simplest of personal items, like your child’s favorite blankie or stuffed animal, a bow in a little girl’s hair, a tutu, bow tie or even a hat. I honestly prefer it to be something unique & meaningful to you. Think about objects in your life that can bring smiles, giggles & even some snuggle time to your session. If you are interested in having props but have nothing in mind, I do have a collection of items and furniture that I love to use.  Just ask!!


This is another way to make your session unique… can you think of favorite places you like to go? Could be a neighborhood park or even your own back yard…. My camera bag and i are very mobile… we want to go where you are going to be comfortable & happy.


All sessions Include on location shooting, online viewing & ordering through my website as well as a free 8×10 of your choice.

{any sessions located more than 20 miles away, may include traveling costs to cover my expenses.}


Basic Session: $190.00

Child/family session {up to 6 people}

Large Family sessions are custom priced, Please feel free to inquire.

Newborn Session: $220.00

Maternity Session: $220.00

“The first year” package:  $800.00

This package Includes 6 sessions to document the first year of your child’s life. Maternity, newborn, 3mos, 6mos, 9mos & 1 year, all sessions still include a free 8×10.

{$400 in savings}

Maternity/Newborn combo package: $350.00

{$90.00 in savings}

Senior Session: $250.00


Packages start @ $1400.00. If you are interested in booking a wedding please email me and I will send you my current package information


Reprint costs:

8 wallets – $10.00

3 ½ x5- $6.00

4×6 – $6.00

5×7 – $15.00

8×10- $35.00

8×12- $37.00 {full frame}

11×14- $45.00

16×20- $70.00

16×24- $80.00 {full frame}

20×24- $100.00

20×30- $125.00

24×30- $145.00


Custom size prints are available as well; please contact me for a price quote.

Canvas prints available on all the sizes above



Proof package: $150.00

35 3 ½ x5 individual images {$60.00 in savings}


Low resolution CD: $60.00


A commonly asked question regarding CD’s:


Do you sell High resolution Copies of our images, so I can print on my own?

about MY POLICY:

Each image that I shoot and edit for you has been carefully crafted and processed to ensure that color, detail and clarity are perfect.  Only a professional photography lab is able to produce prints of the absolute highest quality, ensuring that every image you select for reproduction will be beautiful and unique for years to come.  Nonprofessional photography labs are inconsistent and cannot offer the high quality that I insist upon.  It is for this reason that I do not sell printable high resolution images on CD nor do I release the copyright to images for reproduction in other photography labs for any reason.  This policy ensures that each reproduced image is of professional quality and preserves the integrity of Davee Blu Photography.


Should you wish to order images for archival purposes I am pleased to offer you a low resolution CD for purchase.  This CD contains images formatted specifically for viewing on your computer and the images are not suitable, nor copyright-released for reproduction.



I am grateful for the wonderful clients who have helped me to build Davee Blu Photography by inviting me to photograph the milestones as well as the simple moments in their lives.  My print prices have remained unchanged in nine years.  It has been my choice to keep these prices as reasonable as possible so that I can provide you with the opportunity to order professionally reproduced images that you will love at prices that are reasonable.


Thank you for understanding how important it is that you, my friends and clients, receive the best quality possible.  If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call or email me.




I look forward to working with you… ♥



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